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Here you will find important information about the use of the Brändi Travel Grill

Product Information
Brändi Grill

The Brändi Grill is a Swiss quality product and the ideal companion for bikers and hikers who don't want to miss out on grilled food.

The original made of stainless steel is a development of the Brändi Foundation, which has proven itself on the market for years.

The grill is completely collapsible, swing-out, and infinitely adjustable in height and depth. It can be conveniently and space-savingly transported.

The grill grate and holding bracket are made of chrome-nickel steel (CrNi 18-10), and the two-part grill rod is made of aluminum. All parts can also be reordered individually.

Additional Information
Brändi Grill

Aluminum is lightweight and a good heat conductor. It can deform above 250°C, therefore the grill rod must not be placed in the middle of the embers.

Since the heat is largely dissipated into the ground via the square piece (slider), the holding handle does not get hot.

Hammering the rod into hard ground should be avoided, as it can be damaged.

In general, it is recommended to insert the grill rod into the ground only after the fire has burned down enough to start grilling.

Brändi Grill

The grill rod, consisting of a head and a foot part, is screwed together.

The grill rod is carefully inserted into the ground next to the fire pit.


The holding bracket is mounted together with the grill grate (lever action) on the grill rod.

Optimal adjustment options of the Brändi Grill guarantee the best grilling position anywhere and anytime.

Tips and Tricks
Brändi Grill

The new cleaning groove on the holding handle can be used to clean the sticks of the grill grate.

To extend the life of the grill rod, the external thread of the rod can be lubricated before screwing it together (can also be grease from the food to be grilled).

To clean the grill grate, place it in the embers and then quench it with cold water using the holding handle.

Brändi Grill Assembly

All measurements of the Brändi Backpack Grill.


The Brändi Grill impresses with its functionality and resulting modern and sleek design.


The product dimensions impress with very compact dimensions in the packed state. And sufficient size for grilling your meal on trips or in nature.


Due to the optimized design, our Brändi Grill is a lightweight at only approx. 870 grams! The perfect companion for travel, hiking, or camping.

Brändi Grill
simple & light

For young or old.
Proven over 35 years!

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