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Brändi Foundation
Swiss Workshops for People with Disabilities.

The Brändi Grill was developed by the Swiss Brändi Foundation and produced by people with disabilities.
By purchasing a Brändi product, you are also supporting the vocational, social, and cultural integration of people with disabilities. The Brändi Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. The organization provides job, training, and residential opportunities for people with disabilities.

"Do not forget that your sentence is an action!"
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Brändi Foundation Brief Introduction

The Brändi Foundation is a private-law foundation and a professional non-profit organization. As a customer-oriented and economically successful company, it promotes and implements the inclusion of people with disabilities in work, society, and culture. The Brändi Foundation was founded in 1968 at the initiative of the Insieme Parents' Association, the Rast Foundation, and the Canton of Lucerne. This consciously delegated the tasks for people with disabilities to privately organized institutions.

With 15 companies, the Brändi Foundation is represented at nine locations in Horw, Kriens, Lucerne, Littau, Willisau, Sursee, Hochdorf, and Baldegg. Each of our companies has its own culture and is clearly positioned with services for the social market and services for the commercial market.

On behalf of the canton and the disability insurance IV, the Brändi Foundation offers job, training, and residential opportunities for people with disabilities. The Brändi Foundation predominantly employs people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and mental impairments. With around 1,800 employees, the Brändi Foundation has grown to become one of the largest employers in Central Switzerland. In total, over 600 specialists contribute to support, guidance, and care.

Brändi Foundation Our Commitment

The Brändi Foundation promotes and implements the vocational, social, and cultural integration of people with disabilities. We take on a leading role in achieving this goal. We provide job and training opportunities as well as residential facilities in 15 companies.

We are committed to social and professional aspects. By connecting with industry and commerce, we build on previous integration and training successes and strengthen the profitability of our production and services. In our differentiated residential offerings, we strengthen the independence and self-responsibility of the residents and provide them with a development-enhancing environment.

We focus on the needs of various target groups. Our decisions and measures are sustainable. We observe and analyze the social, political, and economic environment and develop future-oriented models and services. We are committed to our social mission and advocate for the integration of people with disabilities.

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